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  Valoise Armstrong
"new crochet"
1 week ago
Valoise Armstrong
1 week ago
Valoise Armstrong
"baby praying mantis"
1 week ago
Valoise Armstrong
"white echinacea"
1 week ago
Welcome to Project365 (p365.org).
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What is Project365?
It's an exercise in self-discipline. For one year (365 days), the mission is to take a photo every day and post it online, here.

Photos of what?
Photos can be of anything you choose (use your own discretion). Whether you decide to take on the challenge of taking a photo each day or to set about a particular project theme. The decision is yours.

What format can I use?
Photos can be from any format, be it film or digital SLR, pocket camera or even mobile phone. You will need to convert RAW images to JPG before uploading to p365.

What if I can't get to a computer?
You can post your photos when you do get to a computer, just as long as you TAKE a photo each day of your project duration. You are your own project manager.

A very visible JOIN buttonSounds good. Where do I sign up?
You can join up by visiting this page. We strongly advise starting with only one project, but you can start building your project today!
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